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Quitting Is A Smart Decision

Jumpstart their success with the
My Life, My Quit™ program

Students spend most of their days in school. That’s why it’s a great place to start helping them quit vaping or using other commercial tobacco products. From creating smoke-free schools to connecting them with free, confidential programs like My Life, My Quit, you can advocate and take action today.

Take Steps To Stamp It Out

Peer pressure, mental health issues and academic stress are just a few of the factors that contribute to teen commercial tobacco use and vaping. Work on strengthening current school tobacco policy, and consider using signage, curricula, parent resource guides and social media to raise awareness about the harms of nicotine, especially on brains that are still developing.

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Educate and Connect Students To Help

Vaping has risen at an alarming rate among students, and many teens believe that it’s not as harmful as smoking or other tobacco products. By providing the facts and connecting them with My Life, My Quit, you can help them take the right first step. Refer a student by web or fax, and My Life, My Quit will reach out to them within 24 hours. Any teen enrolled in My Life, My Quit can access free and confidential text, phone and online support.

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Be a Source of Knowledge—and Help

Your students see you as much as their parents, and they may be more willing to listen to you about the health impacts of vaping, smoking and using other commercial tobacco products. Check out these ways to incorporate nicotine [or commercial tobacco] awareness and education into your curriculum and to share information about My Life, My Quit, a totally free, completely confidential quit program created just for teens.

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