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Everyone has a different way of quitting. Whether you’re curious about talking to a coach or trying a mix of our helpful tools, how you quit smoking, vaping or chewing is up to you.

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Quit smoking, vaping or chewing your own way by choosing which free tools you’d like to try.

  • Free Medications

    Sign up to get two weeks of patches, gum or lozenges.*

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    Get tips, reminders and encouragement sent straight to your phone.**

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    Receive regular emails to support you while you’re quitting.**


Quit With Free Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching over the phone or online from trained coaches who help people just like you every day. Just by signing up, you’ll get to use these free tools to help you quit smoking, vaping or chewing.

  • Coaching over a phone call, a text*** or online

  • Patches, gum or lozenges*

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*18+ **13+ ***13–24

Discover More in Our Family of Programs

Getting Ready to Quit

Getting Ready to Quit

Most people who use commercial tobacco think about quitting at some point. Thinking through what motivates you to quit is a great first step. Once you know why you want to quit, it gets easier to focus on the benefits.

Sticking to Your Quit

Sticking to Your Quit

Did you slip up? That’s ok. It happens to almost everyone. Here are some tips to help re-start or keep your quit going when the going gets tough.

My Life, My Quit

A Quit Program Just for Teens

My Life, My Quit™

If you’re a teen between 13–17 and you want help quitting vaping, smoking or using other commercial tobacco products, this completely free and confidential program is for you.

The American Indian Quitline

American Indian Quitline

Developed with guidance from the community, the American Indian Quitline offers completely free and specially designed support to help you, or someone you know, quit commercial tobacco. When you enroll, you’re paired with a dedicated American Indian tobacco treatment coach who understands cultural healing practices, the ceremonial uses of tobacco, and the unique barriers to quitting facing American Indian people.

Behavioral Health

Support for Those Living with a Mental Illness or Other Addiction

If you are living with a substance use disorder or a mental illness, such as anxiety, PTSD or bipolar disorder, we get that quitting nicotine can be extra challenging, so we created support especially for you to help you quit smoking, vaping or chewing.

Pregnancy Program

Help If You’re Pregnant

We understand being addicted to nicotine doesn’t go away just because you’re pregnant. Our judgement-free support can help you quit without adding to the stress of having a baby.

Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare

Learn how you can get free prescription quit medications just by talking to your doctor.

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Tools and Support

Learn a few great ways to get your quit started or keep it going.

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If You Have Health Insurance

Call the number on your health plan card to find out what quitting support they offer and get help faster.

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“As a smoker, my thoughts revolved around smoking. As a non-smoker, I have the freedom and clarity to think about everything else in my life that I love and want to pursue. Nothing is more worthwhile than quitting immediately.”


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