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How Can You Help Someone Quit?

You want to help a friend or family member quit and that’s great. But it’s important to remember people need to quit for their own reasons, whenever the time is right for them. Here are a few tips on how to pass along helpful information without being pushy.

What to Know

Alright. You know somebody who wants to quit and you want to help. Here are some things you should know before getting started:

  • It has to be their choice.
  • Quitting is a process and usually takes multiple tries.
  • If the person you’re helping uses commercial tobacco again, stay positive. Cheering them on just for trying is a great way to encourage them to try again.
  • Withdrawal symptoms like being irritable or a little anxious are perfectly normal.
  • You should talk to the person you’re trying to help and ask them how they’d like you to support them. Be sure to listen!

What to Do

Have a friend who decided to start quitting? Here are some tips for helping them along the way.

  • Celebrate every accomplishment. Whether it’s simply trying to quit, or going a week, a day, or even an hour without smoking, vaping or chewing —encouragement can go a long way.
  • Help think of rewards for meeting milestones to keep motivation high. You could treat them to ice cream or coffee, schedule a bike ride or even just go on a walk together.
  • Call, text or email your friend and remind them you’re there for them if needed. Remember to do as much listening as possible so you can understand where they’re at.
  • Offer even more support if the person you care about slips up and has a smoke, vapes or takes a pinch of chew. It’s a normal part of quitting, and you can help reduce feelings of guilt by being a voice of positivity.

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